Talk Fortune: The 10 Million Dollar Mindset

Talk Fortune: The 10 Million Dollar Mindset
By Mandy Kendall & Jason Fladlien | 9x MP3 + 12x PDF | ISBN: n/a | Duration: ~5 hrs | 279 MB

5% Recovery Record | Language: English
Talk FortuneSo there you have it. Almost 5 hours of audio, filled with useful information and insights you won't find anywhere else. This training is so packed with information and insights, you'll find that you'll want to play it several times to make sure you catch everything. Yet listening to it never feels like work. Jason's light hearted delivery keeps it fun... and you won't even notice - at first - how much information you're absorbing while time flies by.
Here's what you'll immediately discover...
Intro Module - Hitting The Ground Running
Module 1: Opportunity Costs
Module 2: Day To Day
Module 3: The Quarter; The Year
Module 4: How Do You Scale?
Module 5: The Next 5 Years
Module 6: Marketing At 10 Million
Module 7: Where The Big Money Is Made
Module 8: Immediate Implementation


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